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November 28, 2012

SUNY Presentations at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Optometry

This year the College had a broad number of faculty, residents and students participate in the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Optometry.  Last month's issue highlighted those students and the title of their presentations who received travel fellowships to attend the Academy.  Below is a listing of faculty who participated through papers, presentations and/or posters:

Rapp, J.  "Nutritional and Biochemical Implications in Systemic Disease"

Wagner, H. and Richdale, K.  "Age-Related Differences in Behavior, Environmental Factors and General Health Status of Contact Lens Wearers".

Richdale, K.  "Development of a Contact Lens Risk Assessment Survey."

Bass, S.J., Wong, A. and Sherman, J.  "The Dissociation Between the Ganglion Cell Complex/Analysis and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Hereditary Retinal Disease".

Nehmad, L. and Appel, J.  "Evaluation of a New Clinical Education Training Program for 3rd Year Optometry Students".

Vasudevan, B. and Ciuffreda, K.  "Nearwork-induced Transient Myopia (NITM) among School Children and Parental Refractive Error".

Rosenfield, M. and Saa, G.  "Reading from an I-Pod versus Hardcopy Text".

Ciuffreda, K., Gould, J., Yadav, N. and Thiagarajan, P.  "Retinal Defocus and Eye-Hand Reaction Time in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury".

Chung, I.  "A Model of Inter-Institutional Collaboration using Technology for Schools and Colleges of Optometry".

Swanson, W. and Dul, M.  "Baseline Data from a Multi-Center Longitudinal Glaucoma Study".

Epshtein, D., Nath, S., Yusup, E. and Sherman, J.  "VEP and Objective Pupillary Testing Correlates".

Stiles, N. and Dul, M.  "Differences in Non-neural Component of Superior Temporal and Inferior Temporal Sectors of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer".

Lee, Y., Woi, V., and Libassi, D.  "Pediataric APHAKIC Contact Lens Fitting for Lowe Syndrome".

Kochurova, O., Portello, J. and Rosenfield, M.  "Is the 3X Rule Appropriate for Computer Users?"

Dul, M.  "Optimizing Contrast Sensitivity Perimetry for Clinical Use:  Reducing Age".

MacIver, S., Slotnick, S., Bass, S.J. and Sherman, J.  "Clinical Utility of Panoramic Autoflourescence in Patients with Reduced VA".

Appel, J.  "Mumps Induced Corneal Endothelitis:  Public Health Issue?"

Kahen-Kashi, S., Kwong, K. and Canellos, H.  "Chromosome 18P Deletion Syndrome:  A Case of Blepharo, Facial and Laryngeal Spasm".

Madonna, R.  "Diagnosis Patterns and Prevalence of Diabetic Macular Edema:  Results from the 2005-2008 National Health and Nutrition Exam".

MacIver, S. and Sherman, J.  "Quantification of Areas of Hyperflourescence in Ultra-Wide Field AutoFlourescence Images in Normal and Diseased Eyes".

Pikus, O. and Canellos, H.  "Neurodegenerative Disease:  Cause for Chronic Red Eye".

Lam, A., Troilo, D. and Richdale, K.  "Ocular Dimensions of Adults with Different Refractive States".

Epshtein, D. and Sherman, J.  "Exploring Correlates in Fundus Auto Flourescence and SD-OCT".

Sherman, J., Nath, S., Yusup, E. and Epshtein, D.  "Comprehensive Posterior Segment Imaging in a Case of Neurofibromatous with Multi-Spectral and Ultra-Widefield Imaging".

Malek, J.  "Stereoacuity Learning in Children and Adults".

Heath, D.  "Evolution of Competency:  Post-Licensure Assessment (Symposium)".