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November 5, 2009

SUNY State College of Optometry has a new “LOOK”!

We are pleased to announce a new look for the SUNY State College of Optometry. In support of our strategic plan, "A Shared Vision", the re-branding of the College is a part of significant public relations and marketing initiative which will communicate renewed energy, leadership and strategic direction. Over the past couple of decades, the College's "look" has been modified by programs and/or departments creating a fragmented image of the institution. The new logo is composed of three rings reflecting the College's missions of education, patient care and research. While the logo will remain constant in all communications, particular emphasis will be achieved through the creative use of color. Thus, the College will continue to use blue, reflecting the State University of New York, while the University Eye Center will use red and research will use gold.

Ms. Ann Warwick, Vice President for Institutional Development, worked closely with the College's advertising firm, DCF, to effect this change. Ms Warwick indicated that "we hope this effort will create a unified image of the College and help to facilitate an era of growth in education, research and patient care."