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May 12, 2004

The Minnie Flaura Turner Memorial Fund for Impaired Vision Research Awards

Congratulations to the following graduate students for receiving $1000 prizes and Certificates of Merit from The Minnie Flaura Turner Memorial Fund for Impaired Vison Research. These prizes are awarded to outstanding graduate students enrolled in member institutions of the Association for Schools and Colleges of Optometry.

Name: Bin Wang
Title of research: Blur Sensitivity in Keratoconus
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ken Ciuffreda

Name: Yanjun Chen
Title of research: Investigation of a rapid test for assessing glaucomatous optic neuropath
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Harry Wyatt

Name: Fan Zhang
Title of research: Does Inhibition of Capacitative Calcium Entry Prevent Glutamate Induced Excitotoxic Cell Death?"
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Peter S. Reinach

Name: Rocco Robillito
Title of research: Perceived transparency and suprathreshold contrast in optic nerve disease
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Qasim Zaidi

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