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June 15, 2012

University Eye Center (UEC) Launches New Electronic Health Record System

The University Eye Center has been using an electronic health record system for many years and will be updating it with a new and more advanced system that is not only capable of better serving its patients, educating students and assisting faculty, but also allows for a "patient management system".

The VersaSuite Integrated Health Care solutions system was found to be the best suited for the UEC operations and is being designed to meet the needs of the UEC. A few advantages of the new system are:

  •     Greater reliance on electronic data input and the need for less paper (helps make the UEC more GREEN);
  •     Improved quality of care for patients by enabling providers to have greater and immediate access to relevant clinical information at the time of patient encounter;
  •     Improved opportunity for clinical teaching;
  •     Enhanced communication between providers who will have greater access to data and documentation, along with clinical alerts and monitoring of patient outcomes;
  •     Information on vital signs (i.e., blood pressure and intra-ocular pressure) can be analyzed over the course of many years in countless ways -- graphically and statistically;
  •     Improved patient education instruction sheets and handouts can be easily printed and given to the patient;
  •     Provides and enhanced practice management system to better communicate with patients (i.e., billing, scheduling, etc.);
  •     Provides the monitoring of patient reminders for upcoming visits, missed visits and new treatment options;
  •     Improves the identification of patients for clinical research.

The new Electronic Health Record and Patient Management System is state-of-the-art.  With the dramatic change in health care, UEC must be prepared with updated systems.  The new system will be launched by August 2012.  The UEC administration welcomes any and all feedback on the new EHR.