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August 16, 2012

You Can Restrict Your Campaign Gift to a Special Project

Restricting your gift is one of many giving options available to support the Campaign.  There is an array of specific patient care, education and research projects that your contribution can support.  For example, the Homebound Program:

"I was happy with the visit because I am 98 years old and can't walk.  He is a wonderful doctor who helped me very much.  He brought everything with him except his chair."  -- Homebound Patient

The demand for vision care among elders is increasing and will continue to increase as the number of Americans over age 65 doubles over the next 20 years.  Older adults with impaired sight are at an increased risk of falls and fractures, depression and difficulty identifying medications, which can lead to serious drug-related errors, among other dangers.  With medical advances enabling all of us to live longer, eye health becomes an important factor in maintaining personal safety and enhanced quality of life.

The Homebound Program provides more than 200 patient visits to individuals throughout Manhattan and Queens, annually.  New patients are connected with the program each year, enabling access to a compassionate and highly comprehensive eye exam that assesses them for medical conditions such as glaucoma, as well as for eye glasses that help them recognize the faces of loved ones and add a measure of reassurance and safety in their surroundings.  To those who cannot leave their homes due to frailty, illness or other issues, the impact of the Homebound Program can never truly be measured.

To learn more about the Homebound Program, or other projects in need of support, please contact Ann Warwick or Pam Lederman at ext. 5600, or stop by the Institutional Advancement office on the 18th Floor.