Information Technology and Media Services

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) addresses the information technology and media services needs for the educational, administrative, clinical and research areas of the College. ITS provides consultation to the College community through an active process of needs assessment, planning, development, selection, implementation, administration, training and support. ITS also manages the College network, including the wired and wireless network infrastructure, electronic mail and conferencing system, University wide Video Conferencing System (UVCS) and the College web server. Lastly, ITS provides comprehensive technical support throughout the College community.

ITS Help Desk
Phone: (212) 938-5730

ITS Staff

Mr. Robert Pellot
Chief Information Officer
(212) 938-5720

Mr. Jorge Villon
Network Administrator
(212) 938-5721

Mr. Wayne Chen
End-User Support Specialist
(212) 938-5717

Mr. Morris Gomes
Network/Systems Specialist
(212) 938-5711

Ms. Karine Grigoryeva
Clinical Systems Administrator
(212) 938-4034

Mr. John Terc
Clinical Systems Specialist
(212) 938-4038

Ms. Fiona Dhrimaj
Media Services Manager
(212) 938-5727

Mr. Luisito Bacosa
Media Specialist/Systems Support
(212) 938-5716

Mr. Luigi Affortunato
A/V Specialist
(212) 938-5725

Mr. Michael Linnartz
IT Office Manager
(212) 938-5726

Senior Web Administrator

Mr. Ryan Kennedy
Web Specialist
(212) 938-5722

* ITS Fax: (212) 938-5723

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