Tech Support

Email Support

The Postmaster manages the FirstClass conferencing system and registers all new "sunyopt" electronic mail accounts. The Postmaster holds regular FirstClass training sessions and answers user questions.

Please contact the Postmaster with any questions concerning the status of your FirstClass account or to obtain an account and also to sign up for the next scheduled course.

Phone: (212) 938-5730

Internet and Network Access

Public access terminals providing Internet access are available for use by members of the College community in the library and in the computer labs.

For inquiries regarding network connections:

Jorge Villon
Phone: (212) 938-5721

Computer Support

Information Technology staff are available for consultation and support using PC software and hardware. Please send requests for assistance to the Help Desk:

Help Desk
Phone: (212) 938-5730

Or send a work order via interoffice mail.

Include the following information: name, department, phone number, room number and a brief description of the problem. Work orders will be scheduled as soon as possible depending on existing workload.

Contact Mr. Luigi Affortunato in Media Services for assistance in using Powerpoint software, or to reserve the LCD presentation systems for classroom use. Library staff also are available to provide assistance in the use of various software programs during the hours 9am to 5pm, as staffing levels permit.

Mr. Luigi Affortunato
Phone: (212) 938-5725

Supported Computer Products

The Office of Information Technology regularly reviews and disseminates recommendations for institutionally-owned computers. These recommendations help limit training and support costs, make it possible for people across campus to work together and ensure access to the campus network. The Office of Information Technology is unable to provide support for computer systems that do not adhere to these recommended standards.

Individual units may have requirements for additional specialized software, but should make separate arrangements for providing support for these applications through licensed service agreements.


Operating System:
Windows XP/Vista/7

Electronic Mail:

Office Suite:
MS Office, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Access, WordPerfect

Presentation Software:
MS Powerpoint/HTML

Virus Protection:
Norton Anti-virus

Web Browser:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari


Netgear, Dell

Dell Optiplex

Dell Latitude

HP Laserjet, Xerox Phaser


Web Page Development

Senior Web Administrator
Phone: (212) 938-5729

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