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Clinical Research at SUNY College of Optometry

Innovative Research Systems for Advanced Patient Care

Why is the Clinical Vision Research Center so important?

The CVRC is one of the few major metropolitan centers dedicated to optometric research. Clinical research in optometry gives us information about the best drugs and treatments for your vision health. We can’t do this without your help. You can use this website to learn more about our clinical research program.

We all benefit every day from clinical research. Any medical treatment you receive is available to you because of research that showed the treatments are safe and effective. Clinical research studies need volunteers of all ages and backgrounds in order to help researchers develop new and better medical treatments.

Why Volunteer?

There is no substitute for the people who participate in clinical research. Volunteers like you are the only way for new treatments to become available to the public.

On a more personal level, why should you volunteer for a clinical study? There are many reasons:

  • You may help develop new treatments for a condition that affects yourself, a loved one, or friend.
  • You may be offered treatment options for a condition that are not normally available.
  • Some studies provide free treatment (i.e., eye exams, contact lenses) or reimbursement for time.
  • Many people participate because they want a future with better vision health for everyone.

You don’t have to have problems with your eyes to participate in clinical research. Some studies need healthy volunteers.

For more information, contact the Clinical Vision Research Center.