This study is now closed to enrollment

Why we are doing this study:

This is a study for children age 7 to 11 years who have myopia (nearsightedness).  We are trying to find out if new contact lens or glasses designs can help to reduce the progression of myopia in children.

Who can be in the study?

This is a study for healthy volunteers 18 years or older with no history of eye diseases.

What the study involves:

This study will be one visit that will take one to two hours. During your visit, you will

  • have your visual acuity and eye pressure checked
  • have an eye exam to make sure you are eligible
  • have images of the back of your eye taken with the two study imaging devices

Will you directly benefit from the study?

Being in this study won’t directly benefit participants. We hope that the measurements from this study allow us to provide better treatment for people with eye diseases in the future.

Other things you should know about the study:

You will receive up to $100 for your participation from this study.

Principal Investigator: Mitchell Dul, OD, MS, FAAO
For more information, contact the Clinical Vision Research Center.