Computer Vision Syndrome

Nowadays, almost everybody is using computers, electronic book readers, smartphones and other electronic devices either in the workplace, at home or in the case of portable equipment, in any location. Some screen sizes may require very small text which the observer often positions at a closer viewing distance than would be used for printed materials. These modern visual demands may give rise to a variety of symptoms which have been termed computer vision syndrome (CVS). Up to 90% of computer users experience visual symptoms including eyestrain, headaches, ocular discomfort, dry eye, double vision and blurred vision either at near or when looking into the distance after using the devices. Research in our laboratory is evaluating both the causes of and potential treatments for this highly prevalent condition. An inability to meet the visual requirements will present significant lifestyle difficulties for patients.

Current studies:

  • Effect of dry eye therapies on computer vision syndrome.
  • Effect of colored overlays on computer vision syndrome.
  • Objective measurements of computer vision syndrome.


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