Graduate Research Faculty

Jose-Manuel Alonso, MD, PhD
Functional Circuitry of the Thalamus and Cortex

Benjamin Backus, PhD
Learning in Visual Perception

Alexandra Benavente-Perez, PhD, McOpt, MS
Visual control of eye growth, Alzheimer's disease and glaucoma, biometric and physiological factors in human ocular perfusion

Stewart Bloomfield,PhD
Functional Roles of Gap Junctions in Retinal Physiology and Pathology

Kenneth Ciuffreda, OD, PhD
Abnormal Oculomotor Systems/Head Trauma

Jeffrey Cooper, OD, MS
Convergence Insufficiency  

Robert H. Duckman, OD, MS

Mitchell Dul, OD, MS
Perimetry/Visual Fields/Psychophysics/Glaucoma

Ralph Gundel, OD
Contact Lens and Cornea and Keratoconus

Philip B. Kruger, OD, PhD
Stimuli for Accommodation/Wavefront Abberation

Robert McPeek, PhD
Neural Mechanisms Underlying Attention and Visually-Guided Actions

Tracy Nguyen, OD, PhD
Corneal Diseases.

Jordan Pola, PhD
The Control of Smooth Pursuit Eye Movemen

Joan K. Portello, OD, MPH, MS
Computer Vision Syndrome

Peter Reinach, PhD
Cornea Cell Signaling/Corneal Wound Healing

Kathryn Richdale, OD, PhD
Patient-Based Research in Presbyopia and Contact Lenses

Mark Rosenfield MC Optom, PhD
Myopia and Retinal Defocus

Daniella Rutner, OD, MS 
Visual Rehabilitation

Steven H. Schwartz, OD, PhD
Psychophysical Investigations of Glaucoma

Harold A. Sedgwick, PhD 
Perception of Spatial Layout in Low Vision

Jerome Sherman, OD
Ocular Disease

Miduturu Srinivas, PhD
Gating and Pharmacology of Lens Gap Junction Channels

David Troilo, PhD
Visual Development, Accommodation, Refractive Error, Myopia

Suresh Viswanathan, BOpt, MS, PhD, FAAO
Retinal ganglion cell function/glaucoma

Qasim Zaidi, PhD
Color Perception/Three-Dimensional Shape Perception

Postdoctoral Fellows

Abram Akopian

Martin Giesel

Anshul Jain

Jianzhong Jin

Xiaobing Li

Feng Pan

Junghyun Park

Ali Yoonessi

Doctoral Students

Romain Bachy
Advisor: Dr. Qasim Zaidi

Lanya Cai
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus

Baptiste Caziot
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus

Bonnie Cooper 
Advisors: Dr. Barry Lee

Micheal Jansen
Advisor: Dr. Jose-Manuel Alonso

Nabin Joshi
Advisor:  Dr. Suresh Viswanathan

Erin Koch
Advisor: TBD

Cristina Llerena Law
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus

Kaushambi Roy
Advisor: TBD

James Truong
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Ciuffreda

Lauren E. Wool
Advisor: Dr. Qasim Zaidi

OD-MS Students

Class of 2014

Olga Kochurova
Advisor:  Dr. Joan Portello

Anthony Zarella
Advisor: Dr. Ralph Gundel

Class of 2015

Kathleen Abarr
Advisor: Dr. Robert McPeek

Amy Lam
Advisor: Dr. Joan Portello

Shira Radner
Advisor:  Dr. Mitchel Dul

Oksana Natanelova
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus

Lisa Steele
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus

Anna Wong
Advisor: Jerome Sherman

Linxi Zhao
Advisor: Dr. Mitchell Dul

Class of 2016

Tobin Ansel Vijayan
Advisor: Dr. Alexandra Benavente

Jenny Bartov
Advisor:  Dr. Qasim Zaidi

Kahei Chan
Advisor: Dr. Mark Rosenfield

Vanessa Fimreite
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Ciuffreda

Beth Kuhr
Advisor: Dr. Mitchell Dul

Matt Siu
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus

Class of 2017

Jinyoung Choe
Advisor: Dr. Mitchell Dul

Kim Duong
Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Richdale

Celia Gong
Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Richdale

Patricia Nguyen
Advisor: Dr. Miduturu Srinivas

Mariya Skreydel
Advisor: Dr. Daniella Rutner

Laura Zuker
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Backus