Summer Research Faculty Mentors

1. J.M. Alonso, MD, PhD  Neural circuitry of the visual cortex; visual attention

2. K.J. Ciuffreda, OD, PhD  Basic and clinical aspects of accommodation and eye movements; acquired brain injury

3. B. Backus, PhD  Cue recruitment and binocular visual perception

4. M. Dul, OD, MS  Analysis of perimetry and ocular disease

5. P.B. Kruger, OD, PhD  Stimuli for visual accommodation

6. R. McPeek, PhD   Neural mechanisms underlying attention and visually-guided Actions

7. P. Reinach, PhD  Corneal epithelial regeneration

8.  K. Richdale, OD, PhD   Patient-based research in presbyopia and contact lenses

9. H. Sedgwick, PhD  Surface mediated integration of stereopsis and perspective

10.  M. Srinivas, PhD  Connexin channel function and gap junctions

11. D. Troilo, PhD  Visual Development accommodation, refractive error, myopia

12. Q. Zaidi, PhD  Color, motion, and texture perception and neuroscience

SUNY Optometry
33 West 42nd Street,
New York, NY  10036

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