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If your optometrist prescribes bifocals, it doesn't necessarily mean your child has poor eyesight. Bifocals are lenses that contain two different prescriptions in the same lens. The main purpose is to provide the best prescription for both near and far vision.

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Bifocals for Children

Depending on the child’s vision condition, the need for bifocals may be temporary. It is important to see your doctor on a regular basis to ensure that your child is still benefiting from his/her bifocals. With encouragement and support, children should adapt to wearing bifocals quite easily, in fact, they generally have fewer problems in adapting than adults do.

Reasons why a child might need bifocals
Bifocals may be prescribed to help a child focus and aim their eyes more effectively. Bifocals may be helpful for children who have trouble changing their focus when looking from the desk to the front of the classroom and back again. Some children may show signs of strabismus (crossed-eyes) when looking at very close objects. Bifocals may be used to help the eyes aim correctly.

Types of bifocals available to children
Bifocal lenses for children are available in polycarbonate material which makes them more durable and safer for active children. Since there are numerous factors involved in choosing the right bifocals, it is best to follow your doctor’s advice.

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