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The UEC’s Essilor Eyewear Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides our patients with the highest quality glasses and contact lenses available.

Being fitted for new glasses requires knowledge and experience in both frame and lens design. Our courteous and experienced staff includes New York State licensed ophthalmic dispensers (opticians) who are experts in fitting glasses for infants, seniors and everyone in between. Many factors must be taken into consideration with choosing your glasses, including cosmetics, the nature and strength of your prescription, available lens materials and your lifestyle.

We provide every type of available lenses, including:

• Progressive lenses
• Special computer glasses
• Binocular assessment
• Polaroid lenses (for sun and snow)
• Polycarbonate lenses (the most impact resistant material for all children,
sports and/or safety use)
• Anti-reflection coatings
• Tints and ultraviolet protective coatings.

In addition, the UEC’s Essilor Eyewear Center has more than 1,200 frames, in styles to suit any budget. Approximately 85 percent of our glasses are fabricated on site, in our finishing laboratory, ensuring the highest degree of quality control. When you come to collect your finished glasses, we will professionally adjust them for your comfort and provide you with instructions regarding care, maintenance and usage.

The Essilor Eyewear Center does not work by scheduled appointment. We fill only those prescriptions written by doctors for patients examined at the UEC.

Contact Lenses
Many patients enjoy the freedom and visual appeal of contact lenses, and the experts at the UEC’s Essilor Eyewear Center can help you decide what kind of contacts will work best for you. Some of the options we provide include:

• Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses
• Daily-wear soft lenses
• Extended-wear RGP lenses
• Extended-wear disposable lenses
• Planned replacement lenses

For more information
Contact the Essilor Eyewear Center at 212-938-4001