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Properly caring for your soft contact lenses will keep your eyes safe and seeing their best.

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Caring for Your Soft Contacts

• Wash your hands with soap, rinse thoroughly with water and dry your hands on a lint-free towel before handling your lenses. Shorter fingernails are preferable so that they don’t damage the lens or injure your eye.

• Remove your lenses from the case and rinse each one thoroughly. It is best to remove the same lens, either right or left, each time to avoid mix-ups.

• Inspect each lens by placing it on your index finger. Make sure that it is clean and not inverted before inserting the lens into your eye. If the lens is inverted or inside out, it will appear to flare out on the sides of the lens.

• Insert the lens by holding the upper lashes with one finger on the hand not holding the lens. Use the middle finger on the lens hand to pull down lower eyelid. Look straight ahead or slightly upward. Place the lens directly on the center of the eye. Once the lens is in, you can blink freely.

• Remove your contacts only after thoroughly washing, rinsing, and drying your hands. Gently slide the lens onto the white portion of the eye. Carefully squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger to remove.

• Clean your contacts after wearing them by placing the lens in the palm of one hand. Place a few drops of cleaning solution on the lens and gently rub the solution in a circular motion on the lens. Clean each lens separately.

• Rinse out the contact lens case with lens solution after removing the lenses. Let the case air-dry before refilling with new solution.

• Store lenses in their case by fully immersing them in the prescribed solution. Do not sore soft contact lenses in tap water. Use only sterile lens solution.

• Eye drops can be used if the lenses are dry or your vision appears blurry while you are wearing them. Use eye drops to loosen your lenses if they feel dry or sticky before removal.