If you’d like to acknowledge an employee or tell us about your experience, we encourage you to provide this feedback to the team of health care professionals providing your care on the day of your visit. You can also find a patient satisfaction survey to complete on each floor of the Center or on our website.

The University Eye Center strives to provide the best care and service to its patients. However, if we should fall short of this goal we’d like you to know our procedures for addressing your concerns. All UEC personnel are required to promptly investigate and to attempt to resolve concerns or dissatisfaction with any services provided by the UEC.

As we would like to resolve any concerns before you leave the UEC, issues involving the clinical care you received may be brought to the attention of your doctor, the chief of the service or the clinic manager on the day of your visit. Depending on the specific issue, other personnel may be brought in to provide resolution or clarification. Should you wish to relay your suggestions and/or concerns in writing, kindly address it to the attention of the Chief Medical Officer or the Director of Clinical Operations and Finance, Clinical Administration, Rm. 1025, University Eye Center, 33 West 42nd Street, NY 10036.