Eva Duchnowski, OD

Eva Duchnowski, OD

Associate Clinical Professor
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Dr. Duchnowski joined the University Eye Center in 2013. She previously served as an assistant professor at the Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Dr. Duchnowski received her Doctor of Optometry from the Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in 2008. She then completed a residency in primary care, with an emphasis on cornea and contact lens, at Nova in 2009. Her research interests include contact lens.


Contact Lenses, Cornea/Cataracts



OD, Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry, 2008
BA, Fordham University, 2004


Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry, 2009



Contact Lens Retrospective case/control study of Corneal Infiltrates in Soft Contact lens wearers (CLARCS) Participated in case/control review and data entry

1•DAY ACUVUE® TruEyeTM Brand Contact Lenses & 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses with LACREON® TECHNOLOGY Daily Disposable Performance Overview Registry – TEMPO Study (Multi-Center Study) Nova Participating Clinic Principal Investigator: Heidi Wagner, OD

Co-Investigators: Eva Duchnowski, OD, Andrea M. Janoff, OD, Perla Najman, OD.

http://clinicaltrials.gov – click on “Search for Clinical Trials” and type NCT01467557


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