Steven Larson, OD, PsyD, MS

Dr. Steven Larson
Assistant Clinical Professor
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Dr. Larson is the chief psychologist in the Learning Disabilities Unit at the University Eye Center. He is also an assistant clinical professor in the Vision Rehabilitation Department. Dr. Larson received his OD from Pacific University in 1989, and his Doctor of Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University in 2005. Dr. Larson completed his residency in Vision Therapy at SUNY Optometry in 1990, and a fellowship in Learning Disabilities at SUNY Optometry in 1991. Dr. Larson joined the College In 1991.


Vision Therapy



MS, Brooklyn College
PsyD, Yeshiva University
OD, Pacific University School of Optometry, 1989


SUNY College of Optometry, Vision Therapy and Rehabilition, 1990



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