Perioperative Management of Cornea, Refractive and Cataract Surgery



SUNY College of Optometry & Zoom

Join our hybrid program on May 22, 2022, from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

SUNY College of Optometry & Zoom Live Stream

Course Directors: Dr. Harriette Canellos & Dr. Anupam Laul | Program Panel:  Dr. John Gelles, Dr. Nicholas Nissirios and Dr. Yuna Rapoport

Abstract: A panel of experts will present-focused, rapid-fire updates on surgical options and advancements for cornea, refractive, and cataract surgery. Patient selection, pre-surgical testing, and post-operative care and complications will be discussed in an interactive format.

At the end of this course, the attendee will:

  • Understand the latest treatments in thermal expression procedures in dry eye disease (DED)
  • Describe the use of photobiomodulation in dry eye disease (DED)
  • Discuss in detail corneal crosslinking procedures including the pros and cons of different protocols, on-label vs off-label methods, and management of each
  • Describe the use of corneal inlays in the management of corneal ectasia (intacs, allogenic inlays)
  • Understand the use of DSEK and DMEK procedures and management
  • Describe new advancements in the use of corneal refractive procedures (LASIK, PRK)
  • Describe the SMILE corneal refractive procedure and management
  • Understand the use of pipeline treatments such as corneal refractive procedures
  • Discuss the latest advancements in intraocular lenses in the management of cataract surgery including enhanced depth of focus (EDOF) and light adaptable IOLs (LAL)
  • Review and understand the EDOF technology (diffractive vs non-diffractive) and the current lenses on the market
  • Discuss intraoperative technology in the enhancement of patient outcomes (augmented reality, intraoperative OCT, and real-time refractive analysis)
  • Identify new intra collamer lenses (ICL) and how they fit into the refractive surgery paradigm

Registration Fee $120.00

Virtual Attendee – 4-hrs. of COPE – Accredited Interactive Distance Learning Credits | Live Stream Access via Zoom Webinar

In-person Attendees – 4-hrs. COPE – Accredited Live Credit for In-person Attendees Only

Important Notices:

  • Accreditation: Please be sure to check with your State Board if live-stream webinars aka “Interactive Distance Learning” courses will be accepted for license renewal.
  • This program is approved for CE Broker/ Florida credits only for In-person attendees.
  • Program: The details of this conference may change at any point in time in response to the changing nature of the pandemic.
  • Registration Cancellation: A refund or credit request should be emailed to by May 18; for requests made after this date a $25 administrative fee will be assessed.