Dr. Irwin B. Suchoff Residency Program in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation

Program Supervisor:
Rochelle Mozlin, OD
Phone: (212) 938-5860
Fax: (212) 938-5819
Email: rmozlin@sunyopt.edu

Program Description
The program emphasizes the diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision and visual perceptual disorders. The residents also rotate through other clinics at SUNY, including Pediatrics, Primary Care, Ocular Disease, Special Testing, Infants Vision, Head Trauma/rehabilitation, Children with Special Needs, and may include Contact Lenses and Low Vision. In the Vision Therapy Service, residents gain experience working with visual perceptual deficits, developmental vision anomalies, general binocular and eye movement skill deficiencies, and complex Strabismus.

Program Length 12 months
Start Date July 1
Positions 4
Compensation $41,610
Hours Per Week 40-45 (Approximately 4 weeks per year rotating with other residents. Currently SUNY on-call consists of phone triage.)
Accreditation Fully accredited by ACOE
Application Deadline February 1
ORMS Matching Service Yes
Professional Liability Insurance Article 8 of the Education Law

Educational Opportunities
Special graduate-level courses are presented to the residents by various faculty members on topics such as Amblyopia and Strabismus, Rehabilitative Optometry, Optometric Intervention in the Learning Disabled Population, Clinical Teaching, and Behavioral Optometry.

Teaching Responsibilities
Residents serve as teaching assistants in Third Year Vision Therapy Laboratories. They serve as clinical instructors in vision therapy and pediatric clinics as well as at external screening sites.

Research Responsibilities
The residents may work with a faculty research person of their choice during the course of their program. Residents are also required to complete a publishable paper by the end of the program.

There Is optional participation in a health insurance plan including prescription drug coverage, with a contribution from the employee, depending on the option chosen. Dental care and vision coverage is available through the union representing this position. Residents earn sick leave and annual leave at the rate of 1.25 days per month. Twelve paid holidays per calendar year.

Mission Statement

The residency in vision therapy seeks to attract the best-qualified candidates and provide them with advanced didactic knowledge and a concentrated clinical experience in optometric vision therapy. Individuals who complete the program are expected to be able to deliver a high level of clinical care in vision therapy, serve as teachers in optometric institutions and serve the profession of optometry as experts and leaders in the areas of vision therapy and binocular vision.

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