The work of the Optometric Center of New York has attracted a dedicated cadre of people who serve as its Board of Trustees. This group of men and women brings expertise in business, law, commerce, finance, real estate and philanthropy to their roles as caretakers of the foundation’s endowment and supporters of its mission. Trustees serve 3-year terms and make an annual financial commitment to the foundation.

The Trustees are charged with continuing the foundation’s legacy of service.

For information about endowment, board fund and student scholarships, contact:

Mrs. Dawn Rigney
Executive Director
Phone: (212) 938-5600

Vice President:
Mr. Thomas P. Farrell

Mr. Dennis P. Gehr

Executive Director and Secretary
Mrs. Dawn Rigney

Immediate Past President:
Mr. Richard Feinbloom


Ms. Marge Axelrad
Dr. Mark Feder ’83
Dr. William C. Folsom, Jr.
Dr. David A. Heath
Mr. P. Gregory Hess, Esq.
Mrs. Lee Miller, Esq.
Dr. Ronald M. Millman
Ms. Jan Rose
Mrs. Claudia C. Rouhana
Mr. Adam J. Sheer
Dr. Richard Soden ’79
Mr. George Spiropoulos, CFP
Mr. Harold Wilshinsky
Honorary Trustee:
Ms. Beryl Snyder, Esq.
Mr. Harold M. Spielman

Alumni Representatives:
Dr. Samar Awad ’92
Dr. Anna Marie Fernandez ’85

Student Representatives:
Ms. Mackenzie Bradley, Class of 2020
Mr. Michael Contento, Class of 2020