Career Development Center Has a New Director

December 18, 2015

QuyDr. Quy Nguyen, an alumnus of SUNY Optometry, took over as the new director of the Career Development Center in December. Established at the College in 2012, the Career Development Center was created to meet the career needs of SUNY Optometry students, residents and alumni. Through a variety of programs, including mentoring and networking activities, workshops, individual counseling, as well as an annual career symposium and more, the Center works to assist members of the SUNY Optometry community in finding meaningful and fulfilling employment. Dr. Nguyen will strive to build on the success of the Center, which over the past three years has played an important role in increasing the level of satisfaction among students and alumni with the quantity and quality of career planning offered at the College.

Dr. Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in the Bay Area of California where he attended the University of California at Berkeley as an undergraduate. After coming east to the College and completing his OD in 2013, Dr. Nguyen worked in a variety of settings, including two years as chief optometrist in the NY Vision Group, an ophthalmology practice in Richmond Hill, NY. Dr. Nguyen also worked concurrently at Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn, giving exams and on-site consultations with other departments. During his time at NY Vision Group, the office served as a clinical rotation site for fourth year OD students from SUNY Optometry and Dr. Nguyen served as an adjunct assistant clinical professor. It was during this time that he realized how much he loved educating students, not only in the management of various ocular conditions, but also on issues like residencies, career development and beyond.

“There is so much more to optometric education than what students learn in the classroom and clinic,” Dr. Nguyen said. “I’ve realized during my time working with students—as well as during my time as a student—how valuable guidance and mentorship can be. Serving as director of the Career Development Center, I hope to give our students and alumni the necessary tools and resources to make good decisions as it pertains to their career development.”