International Initiative Commits to Advance Access to Vision Care in China

December 15, 2017

NEW YORK CITY — Representatives from 11 Chinese institutions met at SUNY College of Optometry to be exposed to optometric curricula and clinical training through the China Optometry and Ophthalmology Resources Development (COORD) initiative on November 16 and 17.

Eye and vision care experts from the United States, China, South Korea, Australia and the United Kingdom collaborate through COORD to develop higher education programs to increase China’s optometric workforce. The international partnership is an effort to address China’s urgent need for optometrists and access to eye care and the country’s recent expansion and development of five-year optometric medicine majors.

The immersion program’s topics included faculty development, disciplinary areas, quality assurance, admission processes, pedagogical strategies, clinical rotations, licensure and accreditation.

COORD’s predecessor, China Optometry Resources Development, launched in 1997 to select Chinese medical professors to study at colleges of optometry in the United States, promote resource sharing and arrange for American professors to teach in China.

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