Record Number of Scholarships Given to Students

October 20, 2015

A record number of scholarships were given to students at the College this year

SUNY Optometry handed out 36 scholarships—a record number—at an event at the College last week, providing a unique opportunity for many of the creators and donors of the scholarships to meet the student recipients.

The total number of scholarships given to students at the College has steadily increased in recent years. Below is a complete listing of the scholarships and recipients for the 2015-16 academic year:

Milton Scholarships
Presented by: Ms. Phyllis Milton
Joanne Chan Class of 2018
Loren Franke Class of 2017
Celia Gong Class of 2017
Ellen McCrary Class of 2016
Kimberly Nguyen Class of 2018
Francesca Pinho Class of 2016
Laura Rabon Class of 2017

Alumni Scholarships
Presented by: Dr. Denise Whittam, President, Alumni Association, Class of ‘91
Jason Gebran Class of 2019
Cledis Ramirez Class of 2019

Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Presented by: Dr. Whittam
Alison Larue Class of 2017

NYSOA Dr. Alden Haffner Scholarships
Presented by: Dr. Whittam
Elyse Dewitt Class of 2017
Michael Wallerich Class of 2017

Dr. Mark S. Feder Scholarship for Clinical Excellence in Primary Care
Presented by: Dr. Mark Feder, Class of 1983
Patrice Grant Class of 2016

Dr. Mark S. Feder Scholarship for Excellence in Compassionate Patient Care and Communication Presented by: Dr. Feder
Sarah Lapicki Class of 2016

NJOA Scholarship
Presented by: Dr. Kristen Fry, Past President, NJ Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry, Class of ’98
Tahera Naaz Class of 2019

Dr. Nathan and Laura Millman Scholarships
Presented by: Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Millman & Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dean
Emily Freeman Class of 2018
Sarah Gleason Class of 2018
Jennifer Nguyen Class of 2018
Meredith Stallone Class of 2018

Dr. Jerome Weiss Scholarship
Presented by: Dr. Richard Soden, Director of Health Care Development, Class of ‘79
Barbara Mendoza Class of 2019

Mary and Samuel Gurkin Memorial Scholarship
Presented by: Dr. Soden
Christine Weng Class of 2019

Dr. James F. Kelly Scholarship
Presented by: Ms. Marcy Kelly Brubaker
Derek Radich Class of 2017

Dr. Harold Solan Scholarship
Presented by: Mr. Lawrence Solan
Kalynn Good Class of 2016

Harold M. Spielman Scholarship
Presented by: Mr. Harold Spielman, OCNY Trustee
Levi Lavianlivi Class of 2019

Barbara Saltzman Scholarship
Presented by: Ms. Barbara Saltzman, President, OCNY
Jenna Salner Class of 2016

Dennis and Lesley Gehr Scholarship
Presented by: Dennis and Lesley Gehr, OCNY Trustee
Daniel Rafaelov Class of 2019

Gregory Hess Scholarship
Presented by: Mr. Gregory Hess
Hares Banuwal Class of 2019

Fred Friedfeld Memorial Scholarship
Presented by: Mr. Peter Friedfeld and Mr. David Friedfeld
Puja Patel Class of 2019

Dr. Sanford and Claire Levy Scholarships
Presented by: Dr. David Troilo, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs
Tea Avdic Class of 2016
Christine Morra Class of 2016
Bryan O’Neil Class of 2018

Jeff White Memorial Scholarship
Presented by: Dr. Heath
Matthew Roe Class of 2016

Scott Tasker Folsom Scholarships
Presented by: Dr. Heath
Mary Botelho Class of 2017
Kelsey Butler Class of 2017
Karen Levy Class of 2017
Michael Mendsen Class of 2017