University Eye Center Promotes Healthy Contact Lens Use

September 2, 2015

A woman talking to two other women behind a table
Last week, as part of Contact Lens Health Week sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Optometric Association and several other organizations, the University Eye Center engaged in a proactive, community-wide educational campaign designed to promote proper contact lens wear and safety.

As part of the campaign, community outreach coordinator, Ms. Marinel Pena, along with University Eye Center contact lens technician, Ms. Kali Berrios, engaged with patients, faculty, staff and others in the lobby of the College’s midtown Manhattan building, providing tips and information about safe and effective contact lens wear and storage.

This is the second year that Contact Lens Health Week has taken place. A CDC report released last month indicated that nearly all of the estimated 41 million contact lens wearers in the United States may be engaging in behaviors that are known to increase their risk of eye infections.

“Because so many people are not fully aware of how to properly wear and care for their contact lenses, we felt it was important to engage with our community and help educate them,” Ms. Pena said.