Email Etiquette Guidelines

Members of the SUNY Optometry College community are expected to use our email system in a manner that respects the needs of others, minimizes unnecessary email messages, and acknowledges the limits of this shared resource. Email should not be used to promote personal business and political views.

Efficient Use of System Resources

News folder

  • "News" is available to all FirstClass users.
  • Please do not cross-post news items (i.e. send to multiple conferences).

Reply Function

  • The default reply function automatically sends replies to all recipients of a message.
  • Avoid replying to all members of a conference unless this is specifically intended.

Conference Folders (e.g. Class of 2012; Curriculum Committee)

  • Please don't use mail lists if there is an equivalent conference!

Use of chain mail, electronic cards, and other non-work related messages contributes to substantial system overload and is discouraged.

Efficient Use of your personal Email Account

  • Log in for brief periods several times a day.
  • Check your mail promptly after logging in to FirstClass.
  • Delete messages after reading; save important messages to disk.
  • Download and delete attachments promptly after receipt.
  • Consider printing or saving longer messages to disk for reading offline.

Safe E-mail Practices

  • Save important messages to paper or disk.
  • Save electronic address books to paper or disk.


  • Please list your work phone number and room number on your FirstClass "Resume"

See Tip Sheets for details on how to use specific functions referenced above.