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Own IT-Secure IT-Protect IT

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Own IT.

The number of devices connected to the Internet is increasing at an exponential rate, and this makes it even more important to understand your digital profile and the potential for cybersecurity threats. OWN your online safety by taking proactive steps to ensure your information is secure.

Understand your digital profile.

Internet-based devices are present in every aspect of our lives: at home, school, work, and on the go. Constant connection provides opportunities for innovation and modernization. But constant connection also presents the potential for cybersecurity threats that can compromise your most important personal information. Understand the devices and applications you use every day to help keep you and your information safe and secure. Avoid the use of free or open Wi-Fi networks, which cybercriminals often exploit.


Secure IT.

Technology is evolving, as are the tactics used by cybercriminals to obtain your, your family’s, or your company’s data for financial gain. SECURE your devices and accounts with added layers of security.

Secure your digital profile.

Cybercriminals are very good at getting personal information from unsuspecting victims and criminal methods evolve with technology. Protect against cyber threats by learning about security features available on the equipment and software you use. Apply additional layers of security to your devices – like Multi-Factor Authentication – to better protect your personal information.


Protect IT.

Understanding how to keep your digital profile safe will help protect you from cybercrime. The ways cybercriminals can gain access to your information is constantly evolving, which means everyone must work to PROTECT their information by practicing good cyber hygiene at home and in the workplace.

Maintain your digital profile.

Every click, share, send, and post you make creates a digital trail that can be exploited by cybercriminals. To protect yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime you must understand, secure and maintain your digital profile. Be familiar with and routinely check social media platform privacy settings to help protect your privacy and limit cybercrimes. Cybersecurity is an ongoing practice that evolves with the technology landscape.