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Security Policies

Annual Campus Crime Awareness and Security Policy Report

Mandated by federal law (Jeanne Clery Act): Federal and State legislation require that UPD prepare an annual crime awareness and safety report and make this report available publicly to members of the college community. The College’s annual security report is available on the college website.

Printed copies may be requested from the office of the Assistant Chief of Police, room 3M12 or extension 5578.

Access Control Policy

College Policy requires all students, faculty and staff to wear their SUNY ID Card on their outermost garment at all times while in the building.

Visitor Policy

College Security policy requires members of the college community expecting guests to pre-register their guests with UPD at 5566, prior to the arrival of the guest. All visitors must present a photo identification card at the UPD desk before being allowed into the college. Members of the college community must follow their respective department guidelines with regards to visitors in the workplace. UPD issues passes to visitors to the college and UOC patients.

Laboratory Safety Policy

Federal and State laws require appropriate security to be maintained in the laboratory spaces. College policy restricts access into the laboratory and research floors to only authorized persons.

Property Control Policy

Members of the college community that need to take out College property can only do so after proper authorization has been secured from their department heads and the property control manager. An Authorization form for removal of state property must be dully filled out and signed by the aforementioned persons. UPD will inspect the property being removed, review the authorization form and log in all removals at the point of exit.

Personal property may be brought into the college by members of the college community. A personal property form must be completed at the point of entry with UPD to document this transaction.

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