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Register for SUNY Emergency Alert

Below are the instructions for enrolling in the SUNY Emergency Alert system:

  • SUNY Alert Registration
  • Select Optometry from the list of campuses.
  • Login by entering your FirstClass username and password to sign on to the system.
  • Complete all required fields (those marked with a red asterisk).  You can optionally add an additional e-mail address, up to three telephone numbers for recorded voice messages, up to three telephone numbers for text messages, a fax number for a facsimile message or all of the above so that you can be contacted in the event of emergency.

Note: Do Not add your office phone and office fax machine numbers – it is not necessary since while on campus, other emergency communication systems will be utilized. In addition, the abundance of incoming calls will severely overload the College phone system!

  • Hit “Submit” when you have completed the form.
  • Review the information you provided. If it is correct, hit “Confirm.”
  • Your information will be ready for submission into the SUNY Emergency Alert system. The final screen will show you the date on which your information will be uploaded. Uploads to the SUNY Emergency Alert system are conducted on a weekly  basis.

For your records, it is suggested that you print a copy of the final screen.