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Scholarly Activities – March 2016

Here’s a look at some of our recent scholarly and media activity: Presentations Troilo, D.  Eye Institute, Vision Science Distinguished Lecture: “Optical Treatments for Controlling Myopia Progression: Evidence from Experimental Models.” Eye Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin,  February 29, 2016 Pak, J., Wells, E., and Richdale, K.  (2016 June).  Concept mapping…
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Management Services

Management Services and Capital Projects The Assistant VP for Facilities & Operations division is responsible for providing services to the College community to manage life and safety programs and to protect state and personal property.  University Police and Environmental Health and Safety are two components responsible for assuring that all…
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Clinical Point of Care

The resources below have been specifically selected to help you respond to questions and situations that arise in the clinic. All are easily searchable and can provide information on drug side effects and interactions, emergency treatment and general medical conditions. PubMed: Check for full text access when “Find it @…
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