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Surface Wettability Assessment Trial (SWAT)

Why we are doing this study:
This study is evaluating the properties of a new monthly replacement contact lens.

Who can be in the study?
Adults aged 18 years or older who currently wear soft contact lenses, and have no major health or eye problems. Specific screening questions will be asked before scheduling a study appointment and in addition, testing at the first appointment will be done to determine if you qualify.

What the study involves:
There will be 2 same day visits lasting up to 2 hours in total. Participants will undergo an exam with contact lens fit and evaluation. Participants will wear their own spectacles with the contact lenses. Study contact lenses will be provided at no cost to the subject; spectacles will not be provided by the study.

Other things you should know about the study:
Participants can be compensated up to $150.
The two study visits are required to occur on the same day, approximately 9 hours apart.

Principal Investigator: Dr Kathryn Richdale OD PhD
For more information, contact the Clinical Vision Research Center