Research Facilities

The research environment occurs within both the laboratory and the clinical patient care settings. The principle mission of the research program is to advance scientific knowledge in all areas of vision, including both basic and clinical research. At SUNY Optometry, vision scientists work in both of these areas.

In addition to numerous research laboratories, including "wet labs," where much basic vision research takes place, the college also provides a major clinical research facility. The clinical patient care facility, the University Eye Center is housed in the same building as the teaching and research programs. It is the largest nonprofit out-patient vision-care facility in the U.S. and has more than 70,000 patient care visits per year. This setting provides enormous potential for clinical research.

There are other important infrastructure areas supporting the research mission of the college. These include the Harold Kohn Vision Science Library, a graduate student computer center, electronics and machine shops, a state of the art Media Center, Computer and Information Technology Services and a Biological Research Facility.