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Support Guides

Below you will find a listing of training resources such as Microsoft Office, Telecommuting, Moodle, Zoom, Panopto, Poll Everywhere, and other widely used resources at the college. Most of the information provided do not require you to login, however, some resources tied to the Infobase Learning Cloud platform will ask…
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Doctor of Optometry Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements Modifications Dated: August 9, 2023 SUNY Optometry allows the following modifications to its admissions requirements: Distant learning/online science course and lab completion throughout all semesters/quarters impacted by the pandemic (post-pandemic, this depends on the policies at the host institution,for example, if your College no longer offers Organic Chemistry…
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EXPLORE SUNY The SUNY College of Optometry is fully committed to developing outstanding optometrists and vision scientists, making new discoveries that advance our profession and improving lives by providing exceptional care and public service. We are also dedicated to ensuring that our students have a successful and fulfilling career. The…
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