Family of Mentor Program

The SUNY Family of Mentors Program (FMP) is an online and in-person program that was developed to enhance students’ and residents’ personal, academic, and career development and to expand professional networks for students, residents and mentors. FMP seeks to capitalize on the vast network of SUNY alumni, professional organizations and partners from which to recruit the most talented mentors to develop our outstanding student body at our new networking platform, the SUNY Eye Network.

The mission of FMP is to connect students of optometry and residents with mentors in order to foster a trusting and long-lasting relationship that helps to develop students and residents personally, academically and professionally and allows the mentors opportunities to share wisdom and expertise, develop interpersonal communication, motivation, coaching, counseling, and leadership skills, and build professional networks.

For optometrists who are interested in our mentoring program, you can get a quick overview of the program here: FMP Family of Mentors Overview – For Mentors