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  • KMK NBEO Parts I & II Grants
    • For the class of 2021, the Career Development Center and VSP are providing grants to help pay for prep courses with KMK to prepare for NBEO Parts I and II. If you receive the grant, we will pay and enroll you for both parts of the prep courses, inclusive of all studying materials and books.
      • Qualifications: 1) Class of 2021 student at SUNY Optometry, 2) Underrepresented minority student by NYSED guidelines (American Indian or Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino,  or African American) AND/OR 3) Have exceptional financial need (ie, qualify for grants via Financial Aid office)
      • Deadline: Friday, September 13, 2019

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  • Hiration is a consolidated AI-powered career platform to ~3x your interview shortlists! A single platform to quickly build your resume and cover letter, with added modules for interview preparation and an instant LinkedIn profile review! Click here for the FAQs so you can jumpstart your jobsearch!”

  • Daily articles and resources to help optometry students cross the void from student to new optometrist.
  • A platform that helps optometrists find jobs and opportunities in eyecare. Create a professional profile and browse local jobs.