Photo Submission Form

In the interest of promoting safety and security for our students, the University Police strongly encourage new students to submit a photo for their SUNY Optometry ID prior to visiting campus for Orientation.

SUNY Optometry Photo Submission System

  • The image must be at least 1 megabyte (MB) and it must be less than 5 megabytes (MBs)
  • The image must be at least 500×500 pixels with 72 dpi.
  • You must upload .jpg images.
  • This picture is for identification purposes. the picture must clearly identify you as a person.
  • You must be looking straight at the camera. (No side profiles!)
  • Blue background is preferred, but white is acceptable.
  • There can be no borders on the photo.
  • There should be a small space between your head and the top of the image, as well as a definite contrast between you and the background.
  • The photograph must be in color.
  • No red eye or flash reflection on glasses or contact lenses.
  • No hats, sunglasses, jewelry, or garments of any sort that obstruct the view of your face.

Additional Info

  • The Media Services Department reserves the right to refuse any photos that do not meet these requirements.
  • Photo submissions are manually reviewed and can take up to one week to be processed.
  • The Media Services Department will make one attempt to notify you if your photo is not accepted.
  • If your photo cannot be used we will simply take your photo at the Media Services Department during Orientation.
  • If you have any difficulty meeting any of these guidelines, please contact the Media Services Department.


Selfie Checklist

Does the selfie identify you as a person?

It’s your selfie after all!

Are you looking straight at the camera?

Side profile selfies are out of style!

Is your background a light, neutral color?

No distracting backgrounds, please!

Is your selfie in color?

Save that B&W filter for Instagram!

Are you free from red eye or reflections?

Who uses flash anyways!?

Did you take off your hat or any garment that obstructs the view of your face?

We want to see you clearly!

Is it a photo of just yourself?

No photobombing or group selfies!