Name: Emma Goodwin 2025 Student Visionary Spotlight

Class Year: 2025

List the award(s) / scholarship(s) you have received
Philip and Sylvia Soden Memorial Scholarship

What does receiving this award or scholarship mean to you?
It was such an honor to receive this scholarship. It makes me feel so supported by the SUNY community and inspires me to continue working my hardest each day.

What are your plans following graduation?
After graduation I am interested in pursuing a residency. I am still uncertain as to what I would like to specialize, but I am excited to gain more experience in clinic and find my passion!

What advice would you give incoming or prospective optometry students?
Don’t sweat the small stuff! You’re going to stumble every once in a while, but one test will not make or break you. Your goal at the end of this is to be a great doctor, not a perfect student.