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Sports and Performance Vision Center

Sports and performance vision specializes in helping you get the most out of your vision, empowering you to perform a given sport or activity at an optimum level.

  • Want to be able to identify and hit a curve ball?

  • ​Want to see and save a hockey puck traveling 100mph?

  • Want to be able to find an open receiver downfield?

  • Want to be able to sink a 40-foot putt?

  • Could you benefit from optimal vision in some way?

In sports and performance vision, a variety of sport-specific evaluation and training techniques are leveraged to improve the visual abilities that are specifically required for a certain sports or activity. These  include abilities such as: eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, peripheral awareness, mental focus and reaction time in addition to the basic visual functions of visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and binocular vision, all specific for a given sport or activity.

Watch the director of the Sports and Performance Vision Center, Dr. Daniel Laby, talk about sports vision:


Sports and performance vision has grown rapidly in recent years, with many professional sports teams now regularly employing vision specialists as part of their training and medical staffs. The Sports and Performance Vision Center at the University Eye Center is a state-of-the art facility directed by one of the foremost authorities on sports vision. Dr. Daniel M. Laby is an ophthalmologist with more than two decades of experience enhancing and improving the vision of professional and elite athletes.

Whether you’re looking for victory on the athletic field or in another activity, we all depend on our vision to allow us to be successful and to guide us through each day. As a result, everyone—athlete or not—should have optimal visual function. The Sports and Performance Vision Center will help you achieve that goal.

Dr. Daniel M. Laby began his work in sports vision more than two decades ago with the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, a relationship which continued for 18 seasons. Dr. Laby has also been responsible for the visual performance of the New York Mets and St Louis Cardinals, and he currently works with the Boston Red Sox (which he has done for the past decade), as well as the Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago Cubs. Dr. Laby has also spent the last three seasons working with the National Basketball Association’s Boston Celtics as well as the National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings. Dr. Laby also worked with the US Olympic team prior to the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and attended the games with the team. As a pioneer in the field, Dr. Laby, along with his colleague Dr. David Kirschen, have developed a revolutionary test of visual performance that is used by many professional and collegiate teams to measure their players’ sports vision abilities. The US Patent office has awarded Dr. Laby two patents for this vision testing system.

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