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Caring for Your Glasses

• Always keep your glasses in their case when not in use. This will protect your lenses from scratching and will also help to extend the life of your frame.

• To avoid scratching, never lay your lenses face down on any hard or abrasive surface.

• Be sure to use two hands when putting on or removing your glasses. This will keep the glasses in better adjustment.

• Don’t let anyone try on your glasses. Your frame has been custom fit for you. Letting others wear your glasses, even for a moment, may cause stretching or other damage.

• To avoid scratching lenses, never wipe them when they are completely dry. Always use a little warm water with a soft tissue. If your lenses are treated with anti-reflection coating, use an approved cleaner or cloth.

• Your glasses will last longer if you have them adjusted every three or four months. This allows us to check for loose screws or other potential problems. If your frame breaks, do not attempt to repair it with crazy glue or tape. Bring it to us and we’ll repair it properly.