Ralph Gundel, OD

Dr. Ralph Gundel
Associate Professor
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Dr. Gundel is an associate professor whose instruction, research and treatment of patients focuses on contact lenses and contact lens specialty services. He joined SUNY Optometry in 1989 after having earned his Doctor of Optometry degree at the College in 1981.



OD, SUNY College of Optometry, 1981
BS, SUNY at Stony Brook , 1977



2009 Research Fellowship Support Grant (The Vision Care Institute)

2007 Research Fellowship Support Grant (CooperVision)

2005 Research Fellowship Support Grant (CIBA Vision)

1995-2004 Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Keratoconus (NEI Grant #U1O-EY10419) (Co-lnvestigator)

2003 Research Fellowship Support Grant (CIBA Vision)

2001 Research Fellowship Support Grant (CooperVision)

2000 Unrestricted Research Grant (Wesley-Jessen)

1998 Empirical Fitting with Freshlook Soft Toric Lenses (Wesley-Jessen)

1997 Comparative Evaluation of CSI vs. Preclear Lenses (Wesley-Jessen)

1995 Unrestricted Research Grant (AIIergan Optical)


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