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1. How do I sign a Perkins promissory note?

Promissory notes are available online; visit . Under the “Access and sign your electronic documents”, follow the “Complete your entrance interview…” section for further instructions. Promissory notes must be signed (either electronically or manually) before the College can draw down funds on your behalf.

2. How do I sign Health Professions Student Loan and Loans for Disadvantaged Students Promissory notes?

These notes need a manual signature. You may obtain either note from the Bursar’s Office.

3. How do I get the foreign student health insurance fee waived?

Foreign students who have alternate medical insurance coverage and show proof of such may receive a waiver of the health insurance fee. The waiver request form (available in downloadable forms section) should be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Affairs. A copy with proof is subsequently forwarded to the Accounting Office.

4. When will my loan refund be ready?

Usually, student refunds are ready in five business days from the first day of class for loans that have been received from a bank.

5. How do I get a replacement check for a lost or stolen refund?

Contact the Bursar with information about the original check; a stop payment must be placed with the bank before a new check is issued.