All Staff

First Last Department Email Phone Extension
Roxzanne A. Lezama Clinical Operations
Reynolds Ablordeppey Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Diane Adamczyk Residency Education 5820
Dapo Adurogbola University Police 5578
Luigi Affortunato ITS and Media Services 5725
Rosemarie Agostinelli University Police x
Briana Aizin Graduate Center for Vision Research 5544
Christian Alberto Admissions 5673
Guilherme Albieri Vice President for Student Affairs 5508
Robert Almanzar Clinical Operations
Jose-Manuel Alonso Biological and Vision Sciences 5573
Deborah Amster Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 5857
Monica Andrade Biological Sciences 5822
Renee Andrews University Police
Erin Angarola Bursar 5884
Louis Angioletti University Eye Center x
Andrea Antonelli External Clinics x
Julia Appel Clinical Education 4190
Warren Appleman University Eye Center x
Fernando Arias ITS and Media Services 5724
Aubrey Assim University Eye Center x
Paul Astarita Management Services 5580
Gaea Austin Environmental Health and Safety 5581
Norma Ayala University Eye Center 4120
Ellen Baberadt University Eye Center x
Louie Bacosa ITS and Media Services 5716
Rima Bakhru Vision Rehabilitation 5575
Shakesha Ballard University Eye Center x
Trinity Bartlett Clinical Operations x
Sherry Bass Advanced Care 5865
Olivia Bass Affiliated Resident x
Khulan Batsuuri Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Margarita Bauman External Clinics x
Ann Beaton Biological and Vision Sciences 5799
Dmitriy Bekker University Eye Center 5894
Tenelle Belton Human Resources 5880
Alexandra Benavente Biological and Vision Sciences 5876
Guy Bergere Management Services x
Kali Berrios University Eye Center 1014
Karen Biro University Eye Center x
Stewart Bloomfield Associate Dean,
Graduate Center for Vision Research 5532
Daria Borah External Clinics x
Matthew Bovenzi Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 5782
David Bowers Vice President, Administration and Finance 5666
Jason Boyce University Police
De’Angelo Brown Maintenance x
Andrea Brunhoelzl Director of Clinical Operations x
Franklin Bui Biological and Vision Sciences 5778
Shantay Burgos University Eye Center x
Marianna Butera University Eye Center 5836
Carolina Bzowski Research Foundation 4056
Diane Calderon Chief of Primary Care 5890
Jennifer Campbell Institutional Advancement 5604
Harriette Canellos Clinical Education 5920
Tien Johnny Cao-Nguyen University Eye Center 5825
Alexis Caraballo Maintenance x
Doreen Carter Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care x
Marcel Catafago Business Affairs 5670
Vito Cavallaro Financial Aid 5507
Darcy Cavanagh Biological and Vision Sciences 5780
Alvin Chaves Maintenance x
Jacob Chaves Maintenance 5531
Patricia Chavez University Eye Center 5852
Christine Chen Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care x
Wayne Chen Information Technology and Media Services 5717
Kimberley Cheng University Eye Center 5825
Sihua Cheng Information Technology and Media Services 5729
Eugene Chin Dispensing x
Parbatie Chitolie Academic Affairs 4313
Joanna Chu External Clinics x
Robert Chun Adult Primary Care 4138
Shirley Chung University Eye Center 4088
Brian Clements External Clinics
Rebecca Concepcion Management Services 5579
Sidney Contreras University Eye Center 5898
Dakarai Conway University Eye Center x
Bernice Cooper University Eye Center x
Andrea Cotler External Clinics x
Sheila Crawford Library 5694
Asima Cuevas Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care x
Janelle Davy Business Office 5672
Marcia De Riggs Director of Patient Financial Services 4181
Richae Dehaney External Clinics x
Stephen Dellostritto University Eye Center 5824
Sonya Dhar Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fiona Dhrimaj Information Technology and Media Services 5727
Sarah Didier Student Affairs/Int’l Programs 5503
Pamela Drake Biological and Vision Sciences 5817
Eva Duchnowski Advanced Care 4026
Mitchell Dul Biological and Vision Sciences 4164
Christine Dumestre External Clinics x
Richard Duong University Eye Center 5824
Colleen Dye Clinical Education x
Jessilin Estevez University Eye Center 1504
Taira Feliz Patient Financial Services 4019
Mario Fernandez Clinical Operations x
Angelica Ferri Affiliated Resident x
Guerda Fils Human Resources 5883
Phenold Florent Maintenance x
Irene Frantzis Advanced Care 5721
Robert Frezza Biological and Vision Sciences 5757
Kristen Fry Clinical Vision Research Center 4140
Monika Fuller Clinical Administration 5870
Tak-Man (Kim) Fung Affiliated Resident x
Michael Gaddist University Police x
Paul Galstian External Clinics x
Manuel Garcia University Eye Center x
Ilana Gelfond-Polnariev External Clinics x
Veronique Germaine External Clinics x
Deoram Ghassa Facilities x
Gurleen Gill Clinical Operations 1014
Stephanie Giordano Clinical Education
Vincent Giovinazzo University Eye Center x
Yuldi Giron University Eye Center x
Sarah Gleason Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 4166
Joel Goldberg External Clinics
Cristina Gomez Covid Coordinator 5882
Irma Gomez University Eye Center x
Carolina Gomez-Jones Office of the President 5650
Jan Gonzalez Martinez Information Technology and Media Services 5722
Kishun Gouveia Maintenance x
Smita Govilla University Eye Center 5836
Renee Grace-Williams Security Services x
Karine Grigoryeva Information Technology and Media Services 4034
Monica Guerrero University Eye Center x
Lakeyah Guerrero Patient Accounts
Johnny Guillaume University Police x
Konstantin Hahne Graduate Studies and Research x
Esther Han Vision Rehabilitation 5879
Joy Harewood VP for Student Affairs 5513
Eunice Hargrove University Eye Center 4124
Lloyd Haskes External Clinics x
Rebecca Heaps Clinical Education x
David Heath President 5650
Jonathan Hernandez Clinical Vision Research Center 4052
Saquan Herring University Eye Center x
Dalphanie Heyward University Eye Center 5843
Elise Hoi University Eye Center 4021
Wendy Hollander University Eye Center x
David Horn External Clinics
Vanessa Huang University Eye Center 5824
Jennifer Hue Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 4023
Danielle Iacono Clinical Education 5936
Ernst Jean-Louis Maintenance mjeanlouis@sunyopt.ed x
Karina Jimenez University Eye Center 4119
JianZhong Jin Graduate Center for Vision Research x
Monica Joao Clinical Vision Research Center 4052
Darryl Johnson Security Services x
Marlene Jurman Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 4162
Anne Kadamani University Eye Center x
Rochelle Kale University Eye Center x
Seoyoung Kang Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Evan Kaplan Advanced Care 4149
Leyla Karim University Eye Center 5824
Katrina Karpinski Affiliated Resident x
Chand Kataria Affiliated Resident x
Harjot Kaur Affiliated Resident x
Sharon P Keh Biological and Vision Sciences 4137
Patricia Khaliq University Eye Center 4123
Adam Khoukhi Biological and Vision Sciences x
Anita King-Barrington University Eye Center 4133
Nancy Kirsch Biological and Vision Sciences 5927
Joanna Komar Affiliated Resident x
Harry Koster University Eye Center x
David Krumholz Biological and Vision Sciences 4172
Reshmi Kurup Affiliated Resident x
Kaira Kwong External Clinics x
Patricia Lambert University Eye Center 4102
Sudeep Lamichhane Management Services 5921
Julio Lara University Eye Center x
Daniel Larbi Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Steven Larson Vision Rehabilitation 4188
Sherma Lashley University Eye Center 5935
Anupam Laul Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 5833
Rockley Lawes Facilities x
Shelby Leach Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 4191
Pamela Lederman Institutional Advancement 5606
Esther Lee Affiliated Resident x
Melissa Lee-Kung Clinical Vision Research Center 5892
Susan Lee-Shareef University Eye Center 4042
Boris Levin University Eye Center 5514
Melissa Levine University Eye Center 5824
Sander Levine Vision Rehabilitation x
David Libassi Advanced Care 5872
Rebekah Lin Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 5837
Carol Lin Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Michael Linnartz Information Technology and Media Services 5726
Michael Lipkowicz Management Services 5944
Sonny Lisboa Maintenance x
Luqian Liu External Satellites x
Gloria Llamas University Eye Center x
Jill Locascio Library 5692
Concepcion Lopez Security Services x
Teresa Lowe Clinical Education 4176
Timothy Ludden Assistant Chief of Police x
Ryan Luu Security Services x
Richard Madonna Chair, Clinical Education 5818
Julia Mai Affiliated Resident x
Julia Mai External Clinics
Lorena Maldonado University Eye Center 2271
Josianne Manasse Clinical Vision Research Center 4050
Marilyn Mann External Clinics
Carl Manning Maintenance x
Kierra Manning University Eye Center x
Rebecca Marinoff Vision Rehabilitation 5937
Mariah Marshall University Eye Center 5825
Brian Martin Nurse 4087
Liduvina Martinez-Gonzalez Vice President, Clinical Administration 4033
Jacqueline Martinez Registrar x
Osvaldo Martinez Maintenance x
Tracy Martinez University Eye Center x
Akihito Maruya Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Ella Mashkevich University Eye Center x
Neeadote Massey Management Services x
Miriam McClean Clinical Operations
Michael McGovern Associate VP for Clinical Administration 4036
Suzan McGovern Graduate Center for Vision Research 5535
Tracie McNair University Eye Center 5838
Robert McPeek Biological and Vision Sciences 5762
Celines Mendez University Eye Center x
Nicole Mercho Affiliated Resident x
Katyana Meredith University Eye Center x
Anna Meykler University Eye Center x
Kamila Mikos Clinical Education x
Stefanie Mirabella Affiliated Resident x
David Mobley University Police 5556
Patricia Modica Clinical Education 4112
julianna Mola Affiliated Resident x
Dwayne Moore Human Resources 5671
Maureen Morley Business Affairs 5945
Azinda Morrow Advance Care x
Shiv Munaswar External Clinics x
Carlos Muniz Maintenance x
Dalia Nagel University Eye Center x
Sohrab Najafian Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Muhammed Nasiru Facilities x
Ciara Negron Institutional Advancement 5607
Paul Ng University Eye Center x
Tam Ngo External Clinics x
Tracy Nguyen Clinical Education 5594
Quy Nguyen Student Affairs/Int’l Programs x
Elizabeth Nicks University Eye Center x
Karen Nieves Clinical Administration 4031
Ann Nolan External Clinics x
Debbie Ocampo Affiliated Resident x
Chizoba Ogoke University Eye Center 5836
Olukayode Ogunfowora University Police x
Cheonguen Oh Clinical Vision Research Center x
Andrei Olevyaski Facilities x
Farzaneh Olianezhad Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Krystine Olszewski-Lavin Clinical Vision Research Center 4075
Stephen Orosa Graduate Center for Vision Research 5539
Anabel Pacheco Patient Accounts x
Anthony Panarelli University Eye Center x
Miguel Paneto University Eye Center 4196
Carlos Panora Information Technology and Media Services 5711
Jahason Paraiso Maintenance x
Sheena Patel Affiliated Resident x
Payal Patel University Eye Center x
Yodania Paulino Business Affairs 5669
Robert Pellot Chief Information Officer 5720
Stephen Pereira University Eye Center x
Tina Perez Library 5693
Daniella Perlstein University Eye Center 5825
Tamara Petrosyan Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care x
Tyler Phan University Eye Center x
Luis Pichardo University Eye Center x
Yasmine Pilz External Clinics x
Kimberley Poirier Biological and Vision Sciences 5784
Jordan Pola Biological and Vision Sciences 5758
Dean Polistina Clinical Education x
Ramola Poonai Residency Education 5823
Joan Portello Clinical Education 4170
Ashwin Badrinath Pothiadia Irungovel Graduate Studies and Research x
Sabina Poudel Graduate Students / Vision Research x
Kim Price Lobby, Patient Reception Area 5736
Nicole Putnam University Eye Center x
Hamed Rahimi Nasrabadi Graduate Students / Vision Research
Imad Rahman University Eye Center 4021
Sav Ramirez Student Affairs/ Int’l Programs 5512
Mahendra Ramsaroop Clinical Operations
Wendy Ravitz Office of the President 5599
Roselet Raymond Maintenance x
Danielle Reyes Clinical Vision Research Center 4089
Liana Rhee Institutional Advancement 5753
Shantay Richard University Eye Center 8824
Darwin Richmond University Eye Center x
Dawn Rigney Vice President, Institutional Advancement 5601
Akinyemi Rinnaye University Police x
Steven Ritter Vision Rehabilitation 4187
Joannie Rivera University Eye Center x
John Rivera University Eye Center x
Cecilia Rodriguez Clinical Administration 4032
Rosa Rodriguez University Eye Center x
Jessenia Rosa University Eye Center x
Mario Rosario Management Services 5531
Mark Rosenfield Biological and Vision Sciences 5766
Daniella Rutner Chief, Vision Rehabilitation 5834
Sergey Rzevsky Utilities Plant Engineering
Nehmat Sabra University Eye Center 5597, 8827
Maysoon Salem Affiliated Resident x
Jacqueline Sanchez University Eye Center 5946
Giovanni Sanchez-Perez Call Center x
Jennifer Santiago University Eye Center 8834
Quintin Sawyer University Eye Center x
Janeth Scaturro University Eye Center x
Susan Schuettenberg Clinical Education 4161
Erica Schulman Biological and Vision Sciences 4025
Steven Schwartz Biological and Vision Sciences 5712
Elsa Sheerer External Clinics x
Jerome Sherman Clinical Education 5862
Alex Shin Affiliated Resident x
Delaram Shirazian Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 4144
Meneka Singh University Eye Center x
Richard Soden Health Care Development 5761
Mort Soroka Clinical Education 4174
Mark Speaker Clinical Education x
Lorraine Speights Security Services x
Lynval Spencer Clinical Vision Research Center 4052
Shaquana Spencer University Eye Center x
David Spengler Affiliated Resident x
Miduturu Srinivas Biological and Vision Sciences 5571
Judith St. Louis Clinical Administration 5790
Audra Steiner Vision Rehabilitation 4027
Amy Steinway Clinical Education x
Tamicker Stewart University Eye Center 5853
Lauren Strawn Vision Rehabilitation x
Monica Swaby University Eye Center 5889
Robin Tacza Marino University Eye Center x
Asha Tadepalli Affiliated Resident x
Barry Tannen Vision Rehabilitation x
Geminiano Taunan Maintenance x
Amber Tavarez University Eye Center x
Kathleen Tengbe University Eye Center x
Lincoln Thompson Facilities x
Grace To Affiliated Resident x
Candice Tolud Clinical Education 5786
Betshally Torres Continuing Education 5832
Nicole Totans Institutional Advancement 1253
Elena Tran University Eye Center 5836
David Troilo Vice President, Academic Affairs 5659
Alyssa Tursi Affiliated Resident x
Kevin Urure Cruz Business Affairs 5668
Sloane Valentin University Eye Center 8828
Manju Varghese Affiliated Resident x
Matthew Vaughn Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care x
Victoria Ventura Library 5659
Patricia Villanueva University Eye Center x
Jorge Villon, Jr. Information Technology and Media Services 5721
Simrit Virk Affiliated Resident x
Suresh Viswanathan Chair, Biological and Vision Sciences 5592
Cyrus Vivar Graduate Center for Vision Research 4159
Marilyn Vricella Adult and Pediatric Primary Eye Care 4143
Veronica Wade University Eye Center 4136
Dawn Walsh-Johnson Clincial Patient Accounting Specialist
Ying Ting Wan Leeshue Business Office 5945
Jingyun Wang Biological and Vision Sciences 5759
Kevin Weber Clinical Education x
Wendella Wegman Office of the President 5650
Teresa Wei Chen Affiliated Resident
Elaine Wells Library 5691
Robert Wilczewski Management Services 5547
Brandon Williams University Eye Center x
Kelly Williams Clinical Operations x
Ayana Wint Office of the President x
Amy Winter University Eye Center 5844
Stefanie Wohl Biological and Vision Sciences 4069
Brian Wolynski Residency x
Miu Wong University Eye Center 4021
Thomas Wong Clinical Education 4115
Andrea Yang Advanced Care 5897
Melissa Yeung Residency 5836
Jibin Zachariah Clinical Vision Research Center x
Qasim Zaidi Biological and Vision Sciences 5542
Xiaoying Zhu Biological and Vision Sciences 5541
Nick Zizic Biological and Vision Sciences x
Alla Zlotina External Clinics x