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The Office of Alumni Affairs encourages graduates from SUNY College of Optometry to remain connected to each other and to the College through programs and events, services, and a virtual “alumni house”, SUNY Eye Network (SEN). We welcome alumni to learn about how the College has evolved since you were last on campus through our regular newsletters and campus tours. (Note: Tours and access to campus are restricted due to COVID-19 until further notice.) Additionally, we support the Alumni Association in carrying out their mission and goals.

Our nearly 3,400 alumni are vital to our success. More than 41% are registered in SUNY Eye Network and of those, 66% offer to serve as volunteers through speaking at events and in the classroom, serving as mentors to our students, and providing timely career advice from their experiences.

Each graduate from SUNY College of Optometry, including residents, becomes a member of the Alumni Association upon completing their degree or program. Membership is lifelong for those who remain in good standing by upholding the Optometric Oath pledge upon graduation, adhering to ethical and compliance guidelines, and following the code of conduct on campus. All members are eligible to be elected onto the Alumni Association Board.

While there currently are no dues or membership fees to join, we kindly ask all alumni to consider financial donations throughout their lifetimes.

John Varamo
Mr. John Varamo
Director of Strategic Engagement & Alumni Affairs
Phone: (212) 938-5604



Alumni News


New York, NY—Over 35 years ago, two students at SUNY College of Optometry embarked on a journey that not only led to fulfilling careers but also a life spent together. Today, husband and wife team Frank Barnes, Jr., OD, ’86 and Tanya Carter, OD, ’87, are parents of two grown children and partners of a […]


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