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August 1, 2012

Sports Vision Center Focuses on Amateur and Pro Athletes

A  state- of- the-art new Sports Vision Center has recently opened at the SUNY College of Optometry’s University Eye Center and will offer professional and amateur athletes the opportunity to test and to  improve  vision skills necessary for maximum sports performance through vision training.

According to Dr. Arnold Sherman, Director of the Center, “Vision is the signal that directs muscles of the body to respond. Sports performance success depends upon speed and accuracy of eye movements, dynamic visual acuity, precise eye/hand/body coordination, depth perception and stereopsis. These skills allow the athlete to know where and when to act and react”

In addition to individual training for children and adults, the Center will offer workshops for sports trainers and coaches that demonstrate vision training and vision calisthenics techniques for sport success.  The Center’s staff will also conduct vision screenings for area sports teams and will include tests that are sports specific, for example , basketball “ up gaze” and “down gaze”.

Dr. Sherman is the former Director of Vision Enhancement and Training for the United States Olympic Committee and consultant to their Elite Athlete Program. He is a former consultant to the NY Jets, NY Rangers, and NY Knicks as well as to the US Tennis Association Junior Development Program. He was a founder of the Sports Vision Section of the American Optometric Association ( AOA) and given its Outstanding Sports Vision Optometrist  1991.

For additional information about the Sports Vision Center call 866-697-9222.