Research Training Programs

NEI T35 Summer Research Training

The Graduate Center for Vision Research at the SUNY, State College of Optometry has a summer research program supported by the National Eye Institute. The program is designed to help avoid a future shortage of clinician investigators by attracting health professional students into clinical and health-related research as a career.  Optometry students who participate in the program receive an NEI Pre-doctoral Research Fellowship stipend of $4,590 for full-time, ten week, summer commitment (June 2 to Aug 8).  Students will be paid twice, in early July and then at the end of the 10 week period.  Thus, all students should be prepared to cover their own expenses early on. 

We have 8 trainee fellowship slots that are open to students who have just completed their first or second years in any U.S. optometry program.  U.S. citizenship or permanent residence is required.  Special consideration will be given to students from underrepresented ethnic minorities.

If this vision research training program appeals to you, please send the attached application form to Dr. Feldman by March 15, 2014.  Reference letters and college transcripts should also be sent to me by that date.  Acceptance announcements will be made on or about April 1, 2014.

If students have a special research interest and/or wish to work with a particular faculty member, please be sure to include this information on the application form.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Stewart Bloomfield (212-938-5532) or Dr. Ken Ciuffreda (212-938-5765), the Program Director. 

For more information and an application form, please click here.

To learn more about the faculty members who are part of the summer research program, please click here.