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Career Development Center Grants/Scholarships

  • KMK NBEO Parts I & II Grants
    • For the class of 2021, the Career Development Center and VSP are providing grants to help pay for prep courses with KMK to prepare for NBEO Parts I and II. If you receive the grant, we will pay and enroll you for both parts of the prep courses, inclusive of all studying materials and books.
      • Qualifications: 1) Class of 2021 student at SUNY Optometry, 2) Underrepresented minority student by NYSED guidelines (American Indian or Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino,  or African American) AND/OR 3) Have exceptional financial need (ie, qualify for grants via Financial Aid office)
      • Deadline: Friday, September 13, 2019

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Other Resources

  • NewGradOptometry.com: Daily articles and resources to help optometry students cross the void from student to new optometrist.
  • CovalentCareers.com: A platform that helps optometrists find jobs and opportunities in eyecare. Create a professional profile and browse local jobs.