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Student Services

COVID-19 Announcement: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Pantry is now open on Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm by appointment only. SUNY Optometry students can call 646-313-8101, in advance, to set-up an appointment for pick-up of non-perishable food items (perishable items are not available at this time). Students must bring their SUNY Opt ID for verification.

Student Handbook

Title IX


The Office of Admissions coordinates the College’s recruitment and admissions to the academic programs. All documents submitted for purposes of consideration for admission or questions related to admission should be directed to this office.


The orientation program is an annual event designed to familiarize the student with the academic demands of the curriculum, college policies and student life. It also provides a forum to introduce key alumni and optometric organizations who offer important perspectives about the profession and the College. Orientation is planned by a student/staff committee that selects and coordinates various activities that include lectures, tours and social events.

Records and Registration

The Office of the Registrar coordinates the scheduling of courses and maintains all official student records, which include transcripts, health forms, etc. Any changes to student information should be directed to this office. Additional functions include the preparation and dissemination of the academic calendar, the student health forms and national and state board information.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office administers all federal, state and institutional programs available to assist students in financing their education. Counseling is available to assist students in their financial planning, including budgets, loan alternatives and other financial options.

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Student Housing

A Student Housing Committee assists each student with his/her housing arrangements. Students set their priorities regarding cost, space, distance and area, and the Housing Committee assists the student in locating and securing suitable housing to meet his/her specific needs. The Housing Committee operates under the direction of the Financial Aid Office and is functioning between April and September.

Student Health

All students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage. Students are encouraged to have an optometric examination upon entering the College. Optometric examinations are offered by appointment in the University Eye Center.

The College requires each student matriculating into a degree program to complete and submit to the Office of Student Affairs a health form which contains general health information and a complete immunization record.

The Office of Student Affairs offers counseling to students about health programs and can make referrals to health practitioners and clinics when specific services are required

All students are encouraged to maintain adequate health insurance coverage. Students are encouraged to have an optometric examination upon entering the College. optometric examinations are offered by appointment in the University Eye Center.

Mental Health

To learn more about the College’s mental health services, go here. www.sunyopt.edu/education/student-life/mental-health


The staff in the Office of Student Affairs is available to all students for personal, academic and financial counseling. Referrals can also be made to professionally trained counselors and therapists.


The Office of Student Affairs administers a peer program to assist students in their academic studies through individual and group tutorials. Students are urged to seek tutoring as soon as the need arises or if recommended by faculty.

Minority Recruitment and Retention Program

A continuing objective of the College is the identification, recruitment, admission and retention of qualified students from underrepresented groups in the field of optometry. As in other health professions, African-Americans, Hispanic and Native Americans are significantly underrepresented in optometry. The College has developed and adopted a minority assistance plan for the purpose of providing the necessary support and services to assist minority students in meeting program demands.

Food Pantry Access

In an effort to provide confidential access to free food for SUNY Optometry students who experience food insecurity, the College has established a partnership with Guttman Community College (GCC) to offer our students access to GCC’s food pantry. Food insecurity is defined as the lack of reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

GCC is conveniently located across Bryant Park (50 West 40th Street) and its food pantry is located in the Single Stop office (Room LL 021). Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but please note the food pantry is closed from 1 to 2 p.m. each day.

SUNY Optometry students wishing to visit the food pantry may contact Samantha Gregoire-James, (646) 313-8064, singlestop@guttman.cuny.edu. Alternative arrangements may be made by reaching out to Gui Albieri, (212) 938-5508, galbieri@sunyopt.edu, or Vito Cavallaro, (212) 938-5507, vito@sunyopt.edu. There are no limits on the number of visits a SUNY Optometry student may make to the food pantry, nor any questions asked regarding a student’s need for food.

Foreign Students

All services including advising and processing of required documents are handled by the Office of Student Affairs. All foreign students are required to enroll in a mandatory health insurance plan made available to all foreign students and their families through the State University of New York.

College Work Study

The primary purpose of the College Work Study Program (CWS) is to promote the part-time employment of students. The program is designed for those students who have great financial need and is intended to relieve the student from incurring an unduly heavy burden of indebtedness.

Students must be in good academic standing and have verified need. It is recommended that first year students refrain from working during the first quarter of enrollment in order to provide for a period of adjustment. All CWS positions will be subject to the approval of the Dean or Vice President supervising the various areas. The Academic Dean will approve all academic related CWS positions.

Each CWS position must have a job description on file that states the purpose, duties and responsibilities entailed. This serves to provide the student with information and sets bounds of time needed for the job. Interviews are arranged through the Financial Aid Office to assure mutual satisfaction.