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Recent Articles by SUNY Optometry Faculty

Keep up to date with articles recently published by SUNY Optometry faculty.  Click on any of the links below to view holdings information and gain access to the articles.

Author(s) Article
Mazade, R., Niell, C. M., & Alonso, J Seeing with a biased visual cortical map.
Cooper, J., & Tkatchenko, A. V. A Review of Current Concepts of the Etiology and Treatment of Myopia.
León, A., Rosenfield, M., Estrada, J. M., Medrano, S. M., & Márquez, M. M. Lag of Accommodation Between 5 and 60 Years of Age
Haimowitz, C. Are Contact Lenses an Effective Vehicle for Ocular-Disease Drug Delivery
Kenneth J., Ciuffreda, Yadav Naveen K., Thiagarajan Preethi, and Ludlam Diana P. A Novel Computer Oculomotor Rehabilitation (COR) Program for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
Kapoor, N., & Ciuffreda, K. J Assessment of neuro-optometric rehabilitation using the Developmental Eye Movement (DEM) test in adults with acquired brain injury
Akopian, A., Kumar, S., Ramakrishnan, H., Roy, K., Viswanathan, S., & Bloomfield, S. A. Targeting neuronal gap junctions in mouse retina offers neuroprotection in glaucoma
Rebecca Charlop, O. D., Alexandria Tilley, O. D., Sherry Bass, O. D., & FCOVD, M. 11-year-old Patient with Retinitis Pigmentosa Mistaken for a Malingerer: Lessons Learned
Pak, J., Wells, E., Libassi, D. Concept Mapping as a Tool for Didactic Learning and Case Presentation in an Optometric Curriculum
De Vries, J., Azadi, R., & Harwood, M. The saccadic size-latency phenomenon explored: Proximal target size is a determining factor in the saccade latency.
Lin Z, Vasudevan B, Liang Y, et al. Eye exercises of acupoints: their impact on myopia and visual symptoms in Chinese rural children.
Sanchez, H. A., Slavi, N., Srinivas, M., & Verselis, V. K. Syndromic deafness mutations at Asn 14 differentially alter the open stability of Cx26 hemichannels.
Fimreite, V., Willeford, K. T., & Ciuffreda, K. J. Effect of chromatic filters on visual performance in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI): A pilot study.
Swanson, W. H., Dul, M. W., Horner, D. G., & Malinovsky, V. E. Contrast sensitivity perimetry data from adults free of eye disease.
Richdale, K., Lam, D. Y., Wagner, H., Zimmerman, A. B., Kinoshita, B. T., Chalmers, R., & … Mitchell, G. L. Case-Control Pilot Study of Soft Contact Lens Wearers With Corneal Infiltrative Events and Healthy Controls.
D’Souza, D. V., Auer, T., Frahm, J., Strasburger, H., & Lee, B. b. Dependence of chromatic responses in V1 on visual field eccentricity and spatial frequency: an fMRI study.
Bachy, R. r., & Zaidi, Q. q. Properties of lateral interaction in color and brightness induction.
Cooper, B., Lee, B. B., & Cao, D. Macaque retinal ganglion cell responses to visual patterns: harmonic composition, noise and psychophysical detectability.
Jansen, M. m., Giesel, M., & Zaidi, Q. q. Segregating animals in naturalistic surroundings: interaction of color distributions and mechanisms.
Richdale, K., Lam, D. Y., Wagner, H., Zimmerman, A. B., Kinoshita, B. T., Chalmers, R., & … Mitchell, G. L. Case-Control Pilot Study of Soft Contact Lens Wearers With Corneal Infiltrative Events and Healthy Controls.
Richdale, K., Bullimore, M., Sinnott, L., Zadnik, K. The Effect of Age, Accommodation, and Refractive Error on the Adult Human Eye.
Ciuffreda, K., Ludlam, D., Yadav, N. Conceptual Model Pyramid of Optometric Care in
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI): A Perspective.
Caziot, B., & Backus, B. T. Stereoscopic Offset Makes Objects Easier to Recognize.
Siedman, P., & Haiman, P. A closer look at central retinal artery occlusion.
Nehmad, L., Madonna, R. The Effect of IOP on Clinicians’ Perceptions of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy.
Tullow, W. Is your patient healthy enough for LASIK surgery? Know your patient’s health history for an educated decision.
Dul, M., Ennis, R., Radner, S., Lee, B., Zaidi, Q. Retinal Adaptation Abnormalities in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma.
Thiagarajan, P., Ciuffreda, KJ. Accommodative and Vergence Dysfunctions in mTBI:Treatment Effects and Systems Correlations.
Benavente-Perez, A., Nour, A., Troilo, D. Axial Eye Growth and Refractive Error Development Can Be Modified by Exposing the Peripheral Retina to Relative Myopic or Hyperopic Defocus.
Jain A, Fuller S, Backus B. Cue-Recruitment for Extrinsic Signals after Training with Low Information Stimuli.
Swartz T. Effectively comanaging femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery: understand the procedure first.
Brimer C. 10 Reasons contact lens care is important: keep your patients safe, comfortable, and in contact lenses.
Sherman J. Anterior segment imaging may have saved a life: technology helps us recognize life-threatening illnesses.
Lin Z, Vasudevan B, Liang Y, et al. Near Work, Outdoor Activity, and their Association with Refractive Error.
Harrison S, Backus B. A trained perceptual bias that lasts for weeks.
Nau, A.C., Drexler, S., Dhaliwal, D., Mah, F., Raju, L., Deschler, E. Contact Lens Fitting and Long-Term Management for the Boston Keratoprosthesis.