Management Services and Capital Projects

The Assistant VP for Facilities & Operations division is responsible for providing services to the College community to manage life and safety programs and to protect state and personal property.  University Police and Environmental Health and Safety are two components responsible for assuring that all students, employees, patients and guests who enter the College enter a building that is in compliance with federal, state and local regulations pertaining to public safety, fire safety and environmental concerns. In addition, the Division provides services, such as housekeeping, maintenance and HVAC temperature control through its facilities/physical plant and housekeeping divisions.  All capital construction projects in the building are under the supervision of the Director of Capital Projects who reports to the director of management services.  Finally, the Management Services Division oversees the operation of the College’s mail/shipping rooms and central duplicating.

Dapo Adurogbola
Assistant Vice President for Facilities & Operations/Chief of Police
Phone: (212) 938-5578

Gaea Austin
Assistant Director of Environmental Health & Safety/Emergency Management Coordinator
Phone: (212) 938-5581

Muhammed Nasiru
Director of Physical Plant & Maintenance
Phone: (212) 938-5580

Sudeep Lamichhane
Director of Capital Projects
Phone: (212) 938-5921

Tim Ludden
Assistant Chief of Police
Phone: (212)938-5582

Administrator for Building Operation
Phone: (212) 938-5579

Evening Facility Manager
Phone: (212) 938-5531

Michael Lipkowicz
Office Administrator
Phone: (212) 938-5944