Name: Tiffany Chen 2023 Student Visionary Spotlight

Class Year: 2023

List the award(s) / scholarship(s) you have received
COLUMBIA CLASS OF 1936 AWARD for Academic & Clinical Achievement in Ocular Disease

What does receiving this award or scholarship mean to you?
I’m honored to be receiving the ocular disease award! It provides recognition of my hard work, commitment to the field of optometry and enables me to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of my patients with ocular disease.

What drew you to the field of optometry?
We use our eyes everyday! I love the impact optometrists can make on a person’s entire life by addressing their vision and ocular health needs.

What are your plans following graduation?
I plan on staying in the New York City area and working in a primary care and ocular disease setting.

What was your most transformative experience during optometry school?
Definitely once we started seeing patients! Studying for exams seemed endless until the knowledge was being applied in real life. It reminded me that all my hard work will be paid off in the exam room.

What advice would you give incoming or prospective optometry students?
The next four years may feel overwhelming and your studies may get difficult, but I promise you that time will pass by quickly. Study hard, take frequent breaks, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!